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eKanna is a new CBD brand with an emphasis on the highest quality CBD, intensive product testing, great customer experience, plastic free & eco friendly packaging. We exist to deliver the highest quality products available at an affordable price to the everyday person. We here at eKanna have been working hard to ensure that the CBD used is the finest quality available. We emphasise this because we believe that our customers deserve the best product and customer experience available. We can only do this by making sure we go that extra mile in our research and development, so you guys don’t have to.


Our CBD is extracted using super critical C02 techniques, why? we hear you ask. We use this method because it gives us the highest quality possible. Seperating and maintaining all the things we want like CBD, CBN, CBG,CBDA, Terepenes more that the Hemp plant gives us whilst seperating all the bits we don’t want like the plant matter.



This approach coupled with working with carefully selected suppliers in the UK & USA who have extensive experience working within the hemp industry, means we can maintain our guarantee to you, that our products, will always have high quality CBD extracts in them. Ranging from our speciality CBD Bathbombs, our Broad spectrum CBD Oil, our CBD muscle balm and our CBD gummies.


eKanna uses the science of the natural world to give your body the best chance to recover after a gruelling workout or relief after a long day on your feet. You like to do things your own way and that’s why we offer you a multitude of ways to take CBD: from Broad spectrum CBD oil and gummy sweets, to balms and bath bombs.


We exist to make you feel more like you. Because you’re already getting after it. Every day. Whatever the weather. Whatever the muscle pain. We want to give you the best opportunity to recharge, so you can get right back after it.


Just like you want your veggies to be fresh, high quality and packed with nutrition, we make sure our CBD oil is the best quality. eKanna CBD is extracted using supercritical CO2, which helps us preserve all the good stuff in the hemp plant. This ensures you get the spectrum of CBD compounds, full of terepenes and additional cannibanoids, that your Endocannabinoid system is looking for.


From the hemp farm to your bath, where does it all come from?


Our company’s roots are in the UK, but our hemp has roots in the US. The plants are grown in US and once the hemp is harvested, the branches are trimmed off and it’s all put into a cannister with CO2. It’s then compressed using CO2 and then we just wait for the oil to separate from the plant. Simple. No added chemicals, just some cool science. Before getting turned into CBD bath bombs and more, the CBD oil goes to third party testing at a lab right here in the UK.